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Together for success

We are part of the global Energize Group and specialize in financial solutions and tailored strategies for companies of all sizes and industries.

We provide finance services

(several industries)


Consult for tax optimization

(Global consulting company)

November 2022

Implementation new pricing model

(premium brand)

(March 2020)

What we provide

Business representative
Pricing solutions

Design of sales prices, transparency of effective net prices, discount structure

Friendly Conversation
Tax consulting

Find out if where you can optimize or let us take over the taxes completely.

Finance services

Maintaining sub-ledgers (AR/AP), fixed assets accounting or preparation of KPIs. etc.

Law Consultation
Financing solutions

Whether it's a loan for the startup or short-term cash flow bridge

Boris Pitt, CSO

The new pricing system has brought us closer to our customers and allows us to negotiate on a whole new level with our customer.

Kevin McAnderson, CFO

Simplifying and standardizing our pricing has brought us unexpected customer gains and a massive increase in net margin.

Konstantin Ehrbar, CEO

Thanks to the start-up financing and the broad know-how contributed, we were able to concentrate on our core competence, the development of high-quality and complex products, from day one.

Customer testimonials

Passion is key. Our passionate team proves it everyday, everywhere!


What we do

Consulting with purpose

Projects can be challenging. We are here to take that burden off your shoulders. We focus on the customer and give them the highest priority. We are a professional team that can cover almost all activities within finance. We have been serving our international clientele since 2017! We are the global finance experts when it comes to questions in regards to finance, taxes or pricing. You can get a deeper insight in here.


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