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Introduce new pricing model

A U.S. manufacturer of office supplies wanted to harmonize trading conditions globally and strengthen its brand image


At first, all trade prices were analyzed and set in a worldwide context. Global thresholdsfor price compliance were created. Management has communicated margin expectations expressed financial targets.

Alignment / Concept phase

The workshop phase lasted several months. The long-term KPIs for all departments were defined and articulated. These KPIs were formulated into performance elements and approved by the Group Executive Board.

Assortment optimization

A detailed product and assortment analysis was carried out. Unprofitable products were eliminated or replaced by profitable products. The performance analysis served as the basis for determining high/low performers, and price lists were globally harmonized and optimized.

KPI definition

Key performance indicators were developed jointly at all levels and for all departments and approved by the Executive Committee.

Training phase

A total of over 800 employees (including top management) from all departments received in-depth training on the new pricing system. Global workshops held according to the WIIFY principle.

System optimization

Adjustments to the global ERP system were planned, initiated and introduced at an early stage so that the technical rollout could be carried out without any surprises and with an in-depth test phase.

Implementation phase

Globally coordinated, the entire customer base was converted to the go-live date in a "big bang". Over a period of 5 months, more than 400 dedicated sales employees conducted customer negotiations and gradually introduced customers to the new system.

Supporting phase

Still today we are allowed to help with our expertise to adapt the pricing system to the new market realities, to optimize it and to implement new strategies of the group.

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