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We believe in open and transparent communication (both internally and externally). We encourage honesty and directness from our colleagues, as we see this beiing the only way of building trust.


There is no "passing the buck" with us. We are all responsible for our behavior, our actions and our decisions. This means that we do what we say we will do and that we bear the results of these actions.

We put customers at our center

Our ethos is to improve the lives of our customers. It doesn't matter what function is performed at our company, everything we do impacts customers. We always consider how our decisions will impact our customers before we take action.


Our people are the company's most valuable resource, which is why we value selflessness so highly. This includes recognizing that people have different backgrounds, views and self-conceptions, and creating a safe space where we can all coexist and succeed together.

Fun factor

It's not just the after-work beer or the game of table tennis that are fun. It's also the ability to not take ourselves too seriously, to laugh together about the industry or ourselves. That is what distinguishes us. We know how to assess the situation correctly and enjoy laughing heartily with customers over a good joke.


As a customer-focused company, there is no room for selfishness. We encourage everyone to be proud of the work they do, but it is very important to us that ego never gets in the way of collaboration or team culture.

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