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Tax optimization for a global consulting firm

A global consulting company based in Singapore was faced with various problems: Transfer pricing, different tax laws, complex international business structures, compliance, etc.


At first, all trade prices were analyzed and set in a worldwide context. Global thresholdsfor price compliance were created. Management has communicated margin expectations expressed financial targets.

Alignment / Concept phase

The workshop phase lasted several months. The long-term KPIs for all departments were defined and articulated. These KPIs were formulated into performance elements and approved by the Group Executive Board.

KPI definition

Key performance indicators were developed jointly at all levels and for all departments and approved by the Executive Committee.

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Customer testimonials

Passion is key. Our passionate team proves it everyday, everywhere!

The significantly simpler Group structure has brought us unimagined cost savings and process improvements. Internal process runtimes have even been reduced by half in some cases.

Satish B., Chief Financial Officer
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